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iStock_000005564983XSmallJump-start the Government Procurement Process

GPS can cut in half the time required to begin doing business with the government. There is critical information you need to maximize revenue, minimize expenses and close quickly.

If you are seriously interested in Government Procurement opportunities here is the kind of information that is essential to success:

  • Knowing who your real customers are.
    Their names and phone numbers?
  • Knowing exactly what they’re buying.
    How much and what they’re paying?
  • Knowing who your competitors are.
    How much business they’re getting and at what price?
  • Knowing your customer’s needs over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.
  • Knowing what kind of contracts your customers prefer?
    MAC, GSA schedules, BPA’s, OC’s, etc.

Unless you can answer all of these questions your chances of success are limited.

GPS can provide those answers.

For a free paper on The Four Steps to Successful Government Procurement click here.